Who are the F1 drivers nearing contract expiry with their respective teams? Examining the contract situations including Fernando Alonso, Charles Leclerc and more

Formula 1 is an intense sport and the situations can keep changing every second, such a situation is driver contracts. Formula 1 drivers such as Fernando Alonso are bound to a team by a mutual contract for some years and on basis of personal preferences and performances their contracts are decided on expiry.

The drivers usually try to enter the best teams available according to their skill level and hone their races in order to win the championship. Sometimes, an unexpected injury or loss of life or even, lack of performance can cause a driver change in the team. As such, it should be known that F1 contracts are volatile.

Examining the contract situations of F1 drivers

Amidst the recent horde for contract extensions among drivers, most of the teams have announced their lineups for at least 2024. This includes sister teams like Haas and Red Bull’s Alpha Tauri. Although, it is quite interesting to see the situation and analyze from a team’s perspective.

In Red Bull, there are doubts regarding the second seat and Perez can be ousted if he doesn’t impress Marko in 2024. Mercedes have a clear goal about whom they want to race and Mick Schumacher won’t get a chance anytime soon it seems. Both Stroll and Alonso have contract extensions up to next year, although, it is uncertain if Fernando Alonso still wants to race after another season.


Logan Sargeant is the only guy in our list who hasn’t got a contract extension form Williams after what will be his rookie season in 2023. For the rest of the drivers, the teams have a lot of plans in mind, for example, Carlos Sainz, who was rumored to join Audi in 2026. The same goes for Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo, who may either be promoted or replaced by Liam Lawson, the emerging junior driver of Red Bull.

Mike Krack reacts to Alonso comments at Suzuka

Fernando Alonso loves passing some interesting comments and he often becomes the talk of the town in F1 paddock. Fernando Alonso had made a brave start and managed to jump up to 6th position when the race started. Although, an early pit stop had to bar his run due to high temperature and tyre degradation.

mike krack f1 4630183

When coming out of the pits he was marked by the traffic and to which Fernando Alonso replied over the radio, “You’ve thrown me to the lions by stopping that early, mate. Unbelievable!”

fernando alonso spa interview 2023 planetf1

The team principal Mike Krack however, refused to criticize Fernando Alonso’s message and instead took it in a light and constructive way.

“I think you can listen to the 20 drivers, and everybody’s really hard,” he said as per Autosport. “Everybody’s passionate. If the driver would not be doing something like that, what driver is it?

“So, I think, it’s fine.

“For us, we take it as a motivation, and it also opens up always a different view of things. So, absolutely fine.”

This was very commendable on Mike’s part and it definitely stopped any rising suspicions or controversies. What do you think about the driver lineups for the 2025 season? Will we see some surprises or will it all be the same as now?


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