Why is boxing champion Floyd Mayweather being sued?

Floyd Mayweather once dominated the whole boxing era, becoming the richest boxer of all time with an undefeated record of 50-0. But “money’ always remained the topic, be it for his boxing or outside news. Even after retiring, Mayweather still finds himself making news.

Being the champion is not an easy task, as plenty of eyes are looking to catch something wrong in the idolized person’s career. It seems Mayweather has got himself tangled in yet another controversy, this time involving a lawsuit.

Why is Floyd Mayweather being sued?

The undefeated boxer recently made news for a heated exchange of words with the Pacers during an NBA tournament game, but this heated exchange remained in the sports industry as the feud didn’t escalate forward. However, there is something more personal coming up for Floyd Mayweather, as he made headlines in the year 2022 for doing something that accounted for his being penalized.

The former champion is now being sued for his controversial act in one of the restaurants in 2022, where he allegedly ordered his bodyguard to assault someone, and now that incident is taking a serious turn as that same person filed a case against Floyd Mayweather.

Eduardo Andres Torrez Martinez, the victim of this case, shared his story once, where he said he was amazed by the 46-year-old boxer and wanted to record him on his mobile phone. This is when Floyd Mayweather saw him, and the Bodyguard shoved Martinez. The real claim here was that Mayweather has directed his bodyguard to perform that act where the victim claimed he has suffered injuries and damages.

The boxing community reacts to Floyd Mayweather being sued

Fans gave funny reactions to Floyd Mayweather constantly getting into controversies that don’t involve his boxing career.

“The guy trolling floyd here, bodyguards were sent after him.”

One of the fans made a reaction with a captured photo of what is believed to be the same incident, talking about the victim trolling Mayweather, and this was when bodyguards were directed to charge towards him.

“Oh, Floyd and his never-ending restaurant adventures, always keeping things spicy.”

Another fan said that these types of incidents are common in the former boxing champion’s career, where he got involved in controversies when he was at some restaurant.

“He also ordered an assault on Jake Paul and his coach, BJ Flores, I think.”

One fan also made a funny dig at his rivalry with Jake Paul and also involved his coach, Bj Flores, by saying Floyd Mayweather also directed his bodyguard to assault Paul and his coach.

“Well, that’s one way to make sure your entrance isn’t recorded!”

A fan added a humorous comment on the same incident, playfully reminding the audience to be cautious about getting caught on camera when making an entrance to a place.

How do you believe Floyd Mayweather’s consistent engagement in controversy has always retained not only his fan base but also the interest of boxing enthusiasts?

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