WWE provides sneak peek of next Logan Paul feud ahead of Crown Jewel title match

Logan Paul, one of the most promising young wrestlers currently on the WWE main roster, has been a part of WWE for over two years. Despite his background as a YouTuber, he has been able to demonstrate to WWE fans that he possesses the skills to be a professional wrestler.

He is scheduled to compete against the Master of 619 in a title match at WWE Crown Jewel 2023. However, his next opponent has already been teased in the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, and it will be none other than Kevin Owens.

Logan Paul’s future feud was introduced at WWE SmackDown

Logan Paul made his return to WWE on October 21st after an almost three-month absence. Upon his return, he issued a challenge to Rey Mysterio for the WWE United States Championship title and appeared on both Raw and Smackdown last week. It has been announced that the Maverick will be facing Rey Mysterio at WWE Crown Jewel 2023.

However, according to a report from BWE, he is rumored to have a new opponent after his rivalry with Mysterio concludes. That opponent is believed to be none other than Kevin Owens. During the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, it seemed that WWE teased a potential feud between Logan Paul and Kevin Owens. While Rey Mysterio was watching his LWO faction stablemates compete in a tag team match, Logan Paul ambushed him backstage.

Following the attack, a WWE reporter approached Logan Paul for an interview to find out why he attacked the Hall of Famer. The Maverick finished his interview and was walking away when he saw Kevin Owens standing backstage. It was seen that Owens was wearing a white Rey Mysterio t-shirt. Paul pointed to Owen’s t-shirt and said “wack” with disgust. This incident might work as fuel for a new rivalry, as both stars were seen doing a long stare at each other.

Logan Paul reveals VADA test reports

Logan Paul won a boxing match against Dillon Danis on October 14 after a heated rivalry for months. Despite winning every round in good form, The Maverick has faced accusations of steroid use, likely due to his well-muscled physique in that match. In fact, during the buildup to their boxing match, Dillon Danis specifically labeled Paul a user of performance-enhancing drugs and demeaned his sportsmanship in public.

However, the WWE superstar has nullified all allegations, revealing his VADA test results, where he proved that he has not taken any performance-enhancing drugs. He revealed his report by uploading a short video on X/Twitter.

“I got my results back from VADA today. I want to address the steroid allegations before you see any news. I want to confess… I have been taking a lot of Prime Energy, putting it in my mouth, and then swallowing it. That gives me a good boost for my workouts, which makes me have a good physique,” said Logan Paul.

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