Years after featuring under Oscar-winning director Claude Lelouch, Charles LeClerc seeks to broaden his silver screen avenues with latest WME deal

Charles Leclerc is a famous motorsports star from Monaco. His early success in karting helped him gain notoriety in the motorsports world. As a young guy, he swiftly amassed a number of titles thanks to his extraordinary skill and dedication. In 2018, the bright young driver signed a contract with Ferrari that would go down in history.

Charles’s involvement in other fields of marketing and entertainment outside of motorsports is a testament to his personality and ability. WME, a global powerhouse in the entertainment industry, made the gifted youngster an unexpected offer of a sizable contract.

Charles LeClerc signs with WME

Apart from motorsports, Charles is engaging in a lot of other campaigns and entertainment industries. Recently, he was proposed to sign a deal with the Global entertainment company, WME

The Monegasque driver is partnering with the WME agency, where he will represent the entertainment and commercial enterprises. His extraordinary features and charm will be a plus point for the company as well.

The WME Company mainly represents the top artists in every music genre. Considering the associations between WME and Hollywood, Charles grabbed an opportunity to expand his appearance time in Hollywood.

Leclerc’s appearance on screen is not new. He was featured in Season 5 of Drive to Survive. Furthermore, according to, there is a good chance that Leclerc will take part in a brand-new Netflix documentary project. According to Variety, Netflix recently announced that many of its racing professionals from “Drive to Survive” will compete against professional golfers in a streaming special scheduled to air in November.

Leclerc’s journey in Hollywood began last year when he was chosen as a voice actor for the Italian version of Pixar’s animation “Buzz Lightyear.” It is believed that Charles will continue to make significant progress in the entertainment industry, considering his representation by a variety of renowned brands in addition to his role as a Ferrari driver.

Italian journalist fears for LeClerc

Charles Leclerc faced one of the most frustrating phases of his life by the end of the United States Grand Prix. Although the Monegasque driver grabbed the pole position during Friday’s qualifying, all of his efforts went to vain after he was disqualified at the main race.

An Italian journalist Carlo Vanzini stated that the 26-year-old can turn out to be one of F1’s “biggest regrets.“

Vanzini suggests that for Leclerc to ensure victory, it is not only the cars’ strength that matters but also the cooperation of the people surrounding him to be conducted effectively. Even though the journalist agrees that Leclerc has an immeasurable amount of talent in terms of driving, he also fears that the Ferrari driver is losing his “skills” due to his loyalty to the team.

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