Fans accredit Nico Rosberg curse for cancelling out “Monza Curse” for Max Verstappen weeks after striking down Lewis Hamilton

Whether it’s football, cricket, basketball or Formula 1: superstition is a blanket concept across all sports. Two popular such superstitions were relevant this race weekend: the “Monza curse” and the “Rosberg curse.”

Nico Rosberg won his first and only F1 drivers’ title in 2016. Ever since, he has commentated at races, and worked more in the field of F1 journalism. However, the classic “commentator’s curse” theory has been accentuated in the case of Nico Rosberg.

Fans blame Nico Rosberg curse at Monza

The “Rosberg curse” has been around for a good few years now, and has for the most part actually held true. The curse is such: whenever Nico Rosberg tweets or posts about his prediction for a race or simply posts to show support for a team or driver, that team or driver ends up having an extremely poor race or qualifying!

So what happened this weekend with regards to this supposed curse? Ahead of the 2023 Italian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz started the race on pole position. Before the race, Rosberg posted on Instagram with the caption “Forza Ferrari” to show his support for the team. However, the Tifosi ended up having their hopes of a home race win crushed by Verstappen and Perez occupying the front row, pushing Sainz and Leclerc to P3 and P4.

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For this, fans blame Rosberg! What’s more, some have claimed that Rosberg’s curse has had the effect of canceling out the Monza curse that was supposed to affect Verstappen’s race on Sunday.

What’s more, some have claimed that this is not the first time the Rosberg curse has struck this season!

Nico curse supposedly worked on Hamilton in Budapest

Lewis Hamilton has 104 pole positions to his name, but only one in the last two seasons. This was at Budapest in 2023, ahead of the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix. Expectedly, the Rosberg curse struck again! Or, at least that is what fans have been claiming.

Before the Hungarian Grand Prix began, Rosberg posted on Instagram to wish his former team, Mercedes, and his former teammate, Lewis good luck for the race, with the caption “Go @mercdedesamgf1!”

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Following this, Lewis lost the lead almost immediately to his former rival Verstappen, and finally finished the race only in P4.

It is thus that fans have claimed that the Rosberg curse affected Lewis at Hungary too- not just Carlos at Italy!

Do you believe in these F1 superstitions? Comment what you think down below!

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