Former WWE talent wants CM Punk in different roles upon his return from injury

CM Punk’s run in the Royal Rumble came to an end at the hands of Cody Rhodes, despite a valiant effort of his own. His announcement of taking a break on Monday Night RAW caused some fans to be disappointed, but he also received support and best wishes for his rehabilitation from a terrible hand injury.

Although his injuries probably changed the result of the Rumble and kept him out of WrestleMania 40, he is still a valuable asset to the organization. Rather than a physical confrontation, Punk’s buddy Jim Cornette recommended that Punk could commentate at WrestleMania 40, hinting at a possible heated mic-in conflict.

Former WWE manager explores WWE’s opportunities with CM Punk

It was sad to hear on RAW last week that CM Punk won’t be able to make it to WrestleMania 40 because he hurt himself at a special live event on January 27. Many were hoping that Punk would be able to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, but his injuries put an end to that. According to PWInsider, Punk has ripped his biceps, an injury that usually takes about four to six months to recover.

Fans are worried that he may be overshadowed by all the spectacular things happening right now since Punk takes a long time to recover. On the other hand, his buddy and a former WWE star holds that view.

Despite CM Punk’s absence, veteran Jim Cornette projected that WWE may still profit from CM Punk’s apparel sales. Cornette made the suggestion that Punk may also make appearances in NXT to serve as a mentor to rookies or perhaps take on an announcing position while he is recuperating from his injuries. Additionally, he hinted at a potential new rivalry between Drew McIntyre and CM Punk.

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In his recent Drive Thru segment, Cornette said, “We don’t know the bookkeeping. Are they gonna just break even on Punk with merchandise sales and his intellectual property and likeness or whatever?” He continued, “If he goes back to train some at NXT, then how valuable would that be just to have him in the training class? They have to pay him normally while they’re already paying him. No, it’s not gonna be a blow to them. And then the inevitable probably, when he does come back and do some commentary. Do not cry for them Argentina, as far as their bottom line on Punk.”

CM Punk’s injury leads to massive change

CM Punk’s injury has disrupted WWE’s plans, as he was slated for appearances at Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania. After being sidelined for between four and six months, he will not be able to compete in Elimination Chamber in Perth or WrestleMania, which has prompted WWE to make adaptations for the forthcoming event.

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Since Elimination Chamber is now the last stop before WrestleMania, CM Punk’s absence has caused modifications, such as Becky Lynch is now highlighted on the event poster instead of him. As speculation mounts about Punk’s next move, suggestions have arisen about him potentially joining the commentary team. Both Ace Steel and Jim Cornette have said that WWE wants to use his skills in that way.

Are you happy with The Best in the World serving as a commentator for the time being? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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