Ex-wife Andrea Celina claims Ryan Garcia “may seem fine but he is not” after his cryptic IG story

Former WBC interim lightweight champion Ryan Garcia has been acting very strange ever since he was scheduled to fight Devin Haney for the WBA super lightweight championship. Garcia has had setbacks in his professional and personal life recently and many including his family and well-wishers are concerned about the boxer.

One such person who is concerned about Garcia is none other than Andrea Celina, his ex-wife, and mother of 2 of his 3 kids. She has recently shared a few words regarding her ex-partner’s well-being.

Andrea Celina concerned about Ryan Garcia’s IG madness

Andrea Celina seemed very concerned about Ryan Garcia’s mental health as evidenced by her recent story on Instagram. “Please pray for Ryan We are not together and I’ve been in contact with him and he may seem fine but he is not”, Celina wrote on her Instagram story.

Celina’s story came after Garcia posted a weird story on Instagram that surprised many including his friends and family. The former lightweight champion has been posting about a plethora of weird things as he even dragged Devin Haney’s ex-girlfriend into one of his Instagram posts.

“I know in my heart he is being heavily oppressed. This is not a troll I’m genuinely concerned”, Celina further shared her concern on her Instagram story before she urged her fans and followers to pray for Garcia’s well-being as he looks forward to fighting Devin Haney in April in Las Vegas.

Garcia made the news public about his divorce from Celina hours after she gave birth in January. Moreover, he even introduced Mikaela Testa, his new girlfriend, via Instagram and even stated his interest in making her do influencer boxing.

What did Ryan Garcia say on his IG story?

Ryan Garcia has been very active on social media, and it is also one of the reasons for his worldwide fame despite not holding an undisputed title from any major sanctioning bodies. Nonetheless, his recent story on Instagram, which he quickly deleted, has fans and even his family concerned due to its disturbing nature.

Garcia uploaded an apparent running away from danger video with the tagline “RIP Ryan Garcia” which has made the public question the sanity of the boxer. Some even alluded that Garcia has always been an internet troll and everything he does on it is a part of his plan. However, others are concerned, particularly after his ex-wife showed concern about it on social media.

In addition to the IG Story, Garcia vowed to end Jake Paul’s career as he felt that he was responsible for Paul’s entry into boxing. Garcia tweeted out his challenge to fight Paul immediately after Paul scored a first-round knockout over Ryan Bourland in Puerto Rico.

With the recent social media activities of Garcia, fans are concerned about his mental state as he will be facing the undefeated Devin Haney, the former undisputed lightweight champion who is now the WBA Super lightweight champion.

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