Former F1 champ Lewis Hamilton’s 2007 Canadian GP victory suit goes under the hammer at $110K

Lewis Hamilton is a famous name in the world of motorsports and he has been crowned a Knight for being the most successful British driver in the history of Formula 1. The Briton has many fans worldwide and they would like to own memorabilia attached to Lewis’s racing history.

One such memorable item was Lewis Hamilton’s car in his first year with Mercedes. The car sold at an insanely high price during the auctions and created history as the most expensive Formula 1 car ever sold. One of his fans had the fortune to own another valuable piece of Lewis Hamilton’s career in a recent auction.

Hamilton’s first F1 win race suit available for auction

Sotheby’s is a popular auction site that lists many valuable belongings and driver’s insignia for the public. People take turns bidding at the listings that catch their interests in order to get the favorite piece they want, and more often than not, these pieces end up selling at an extremely high price due to their popularity or importance.

Lewis Hamilton
First taste of victory via F1

Lewis Hamilton was a Formula 1 sensation right from his debut year in the sport and the most important item for any collector has now gone for auction at Sotheby’s. Lewis Hamilton’s race-worn suit would be something every die-hard fan would love to add to their fan wall and something that Lewis wore while claiming his first ever victory in Formula 1, a sport that he would rule for years, would be a dream come true.

It is now a reality, however, as one lucky person will be entitled to own the real race-worn suit of Lewis Hamilton from his first victory in 2007. And for obvious reasons, the listing fetched a humongous price of $110,000 from its bidders. Any person who owns Lewis Hamilton’s suit will definitely be considered his greatest fan because of the historical importance of the accessory he has.

Lewis Hamilton
A race suit to remember via F1

How old was Hamilton when he won his first F1 race?

In 2007, a new legend was about to enter the sport with McLaren. It was none other than the first and only driver of color in Formula 1 during that time, Lewis Hamilton. With his very first race, he established that he may be a rookie but he knew how to race and could easily take on the top brass with his talent. Lewis went against Fernando Alonso almost immediately but it wasn’t until the Canadian GP that he had a taste of champagne at the top of the podium.

Lewis Hamilton dominated the race right from the start, going toe to toe with the legends of the sport and became a race winner in his rookie season at the age of a mere 22 years. He was one of the youngest and had the most brilliant talent the sport had ever seen. Lewis was so good that even Hollywood stars couldn’t stop themselves from praising him.

After 16 years of magnificent racing, Lewis Hamilton is currently looking forward to another shot at the 8th driver’s title which will put him at the top of the field. Mercedes is throwing everything they can to change their car from the foundation.

But will it be enough to get him the coveted eighth title? Tell us your predictions for the next season in the comments below.


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