Lewis Hamilton sets the record straight on Red Bull approach amid Max Verstappen’s denial

Lewis Hamilton is the topic of buzz these days due to recent allegations put forth by Christian Horner. In spite of recent years not going his way in the Mercedes camp, Lewis Hamilton had swore his loyalty to Mercedes, staying optimistic about his future in 2024.

Earlier, Lewis had even rejected a deal from Ferrari to stay with Mercedes till 2025. Christian Horner’s allegations have started a chain of possibilities among team principals, and all the team bosses are talking about the chances they missed when it came to famous driver pairings.

Lewis Hamilton denies Christian Horner’s claim

It is an obvious fact that Horner’s fact check has raised a huge allegation on Lewis’s supposed loyalty to Mercedes and the Briton wants to clear his name. Lewis Hamilton didn’t have a clear deal with Mercedes this year until the summer break and the ridiculously low pace of Mercedes W14 was frustrating him. It is highly probable that Lewis was looking for further options, to have a better shot at his 8th title in the upcoming seasons.

Lewis on the other hand denied any such claim, saying that it is a made up story in a conversation media at the Yas Marina circuit. “I don’t really know where that story has come from,” Hamilton said. “I know it’s come from Christian, I don’t really understand what he’s been talking about. No one, as far as I’m aware from my team, has spoken to him. I haven’t spoken to Christian in years.”

Lewis Hamilton
Christian Horner talks with Lewis via Daily Mail

Lewis Hamilton also dropped a suggestion from Horner about meeting up, which he thinks was an invitation to talk about a possible contract. “However, he did reach out to me earlier in the year about meeting up,” Lewis Hamilton added. “I just congratulated them on an amazing year. I said ‘hopefully soon I’ll be able to fight against you guys in the near future’. That was it. So I’m not really sure, I think he’s just stirring things. There aren’t any confidential discussions, so I don’t know. You know Christian, he loves that kind of stuff.”

Verstappen dismisses speculation Hamilton’s Red Bull connection

In his interview, Lewis Hamilton also talked about pairing with Max Verstappen addressing the idea as an exciting prospect which he would love to explore. He wants to race against Max Verstappen in equal cars and he would mind giving his 100% against him in the same team.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis paired with Max via Autosport

When the same question was asked to Max Verstappen, the Dutch driver showed no interest in entertaining such concerns and instead dismissed them away calling them stories. “What would it add to know? It’s not happening. There’s no point to make up stories if it’s not happening. I wouldn’t mind, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to put it particularly on Lewis. There’s so many great drivers as well. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out like that.”

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton rejected by Verstappen via myKhel

At first, Max Verstappen looked like he was not at all pleased to race with Lewis in the same team, but he later clarified that it wasn’t a personal vendetta but just a reaction to the baseless rumors.

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