Christian Horner makes shocking Lewis Hamilton admission after Max Verstappen’s special surprise on Red Bull chief’s birthday

Christian Horner recently celebrated his 50th birthday on 16th November, right before the start of the much-anticipated Las Vegas GP. Horner is the mastermind behind the success Red Bull has had to date and he has been managing the team like no other. He was the one who introduced Red Bull racing to Formula 1 and has enjoyed the success with the Austrian outfit more than a few times.

Red Bull have won 6 constructor titles to date and Christian Horner’s strategy with the team, has been one of the prime reasons behind their continuous dominance. Christian Horner was the one to bring Adrian Newey into Red Bull and the results are visible quite clearly.

Verstappen adds joy to Christian Horner’s 50th birthday celebration

Christian Horner received a special present from one his most celebrated drivers and Red Bull’s current hero, Max Verstappen. The 3-time world champion had got himself a new helmet for the Las Vegas GP, themed on the showmanship and glitz of the City of Lights.

He later on gifted a replica of the same helmet to Christian Horner in goodwill. His present became better due to the fact he won in Las Vegas GP, even after numerous obstacles tried to drag him down.

Christian Horner
Horner gets helmet gifted by Verstappen via Sports Illustrated

Christian Horner was more than elated to find Verstappen win races consistently this season and has applauded Verstappen more than once commending his race-craft and track dominance.

The duo share a dynamic and healthy friendship and Horner never fails to support his ace whenever required. Christian Horner was one of the prime factors in providing Max Verstappen the clear leadership of Red Bull, once he sat in a comfortable spot for the driver’s title. Their jovial relationship has never had any doubts and Verstappen’s recent gesture on Horner’s birthday were an indication of the respect he has for his team principal.

Horner unveils Lewis Hamilton’s secret discussions

Christian Horner was being rebuked for joking about Lewis Hamilton being a ‘clown’ on a talk show recently, but he turned tides almost instantly revealing a shocking approach from the Mercedes ace.

Lewis Hamilton swore his loyalty to Mercedes rejecting huge offers from much grander teams, but Horner’s revelation has left fans bewildered about the truth.

Christian Horner
Lewis Hamilton approached Horner via Sports Illustrated

Christian Horner has revealed that before he got his contract renewed with Mercedes, his team had approached Red Bull about a potential contract for the upcoming seasons. Given Red Bull’s preference of strong drivers and Lewis’s own achievements, one would have thought it would be a good offer.

But instead, it was heartbreak for Lewis Hamilton who couldn’t solidify the deal and get a seat at Red Bull. The confusion about Lewis’s contract extension was point of concern among fans with various speculations arising around his future.

Christian Horner
Possible pairing between Lewis Hamilton via The Telegraph

It seems like Lewis Hamilton was trying every option he could to get another chance at the world championship, but do you think Toto’s vendetta to make him 8th champion will be affected by these allegations? Do leave your thoughts in the comments.


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