Is Conor Benn vs Gervonta Davis bout confirmed? Eddie Hearn provides update

Conor Benn and Gervonta Davis’ undefeated boxing bout might finally take place as news has started to circulate. Eddie Hearn has teased big news for fans eager to witness a showdown between these lighter-weight class fighters.

Gervonta Davis, who has been absent from the boxing scene for nearly 10 months, recently secured a victory over Peter Dobson. Conor Ben is now eyeing one of the biggest fights of his career this year, aiming to square off against Davis.

Is Conor Benn going to fight Gervonta Davis?

Eddie Hearn had already made a big statement about the deal confirmation between Gervonta Davis and Conor Benn as a potential match-up. Now there is more clarity as he is going to approach one of the undefeated fighters for the offer. Hearn also revealed the targeted date and location for the bout this year, a crucial aspect in the current lighter-weight division. Fans who have been eagerly anticipating and speculating about a Davis vs. Benn showdown can now find some relief.

Eddie Hearn has provided some insight into the ongoing process regarding the potential match-up between Gervonta Davis and Conor Benn. Hearn stated his intention to approach Gervonta Davis with an offer to fight Conor Benn in April or May. He also announced that the fight would be held in the USA, ensuring both UK and American fans can witness the anticipated showdown.

Matchroom Chairman recently revealed the negotiations are mostly going on between the officials and Gervonta Davis. He mentioned that there were “Lots of talks with Gervonta Davis” but he spoke to Davis himself. Conor Benn is also looking ahead to this big match-up after his Ring ban.

Conor Benn made a brilliant comeback after his UK ban

Recently, Conor Benn had a big matchup on February 3rd, his first fight of this year. Benn has already indicated his intention to compete multiple times throughout the year. Facing off against Peter Dobson, Benn secured a unanimous decision victory. Despite hinting at a knockout in interviews, he ultimately managed to leave the decision in the hands of the judges.

Peter Dobson showed his toughness by refusing to concede an easy victory to Conor Benn. Despite exerting significant pressure throughout the fight, the 27-year-old struggled to land the decisive blow he sought. With scores of 119-109, 118-110, and 118-110 in favor of Conor Benn, it’s evident that the bout was firmly dominated by the former WBA champion. Despite facing challenges with his boxing ban talks, Benn reaffirmed his status as a rising star in the world of boxing.

And now the big fight against Gervonta Davis can be the reward for Conor Benn. If any of the fighters from the bout secure the victory, then they will surely be included in the conversation for ultimate boxing gold.

What are your thoughts on whether Eddie Hearn will be able to finalize the bout between Conor Benn and Gervonta Davis?

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