Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc grieve together on IG following both of their disqualifications from F1 United States GP

Lewis Hamilton has been trying to drive with the utmost dedication during the races of the US Grand Prix, ensuring each of his steps was meticulously executed to perfection. The same goes for Charles Leclerc, who has been grabbing every opportunity in the GP to ensure his victory once again since the Austrian Grand Prix.

However, both of the drivers, being so close to having a taste of their success, failed to clinch an incredible opportunity due to an unavoidable circumstance issued by the FIA.

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc grieve on IG after disqualification

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were disqualified in Sunday’s race at the United States GP, due to a violation of the FIA’s Article 3.5.9, Technical Regulations, which clearly states the maximum plank thickness that can be used in the race. The inspection was conducted after the race, which was “unfair” for both drivers as they tried their best on the grid.

The disqualification of the drivers dragged Hamilton and Leclerc to last place. Both of the drivers had an amazing pace throughout the race, with Hamilton almost clinching his first win of the season and Leclerc grabbing the pole position during the previous race. The British driver said that it was “Disappointing to be disqualified” to break the silence after the event.

The whole scenario disappointed the drivers, leaving them disheartened. Hamilton conveyed his dismay by posting on Instagram, which showed their hollow faces during the post-race interviews in Austin. Only one word, “mood,” was written in the caption to express their agony despite performing well at the event.

F1 fans leak rumored conversation between Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc

Fans have been profusely disappointed at the FIA’s decision to disqualify the drivers. To lighten everyone’s mood, they have been making memes of the entire situation. 

Mercedes.F1 Motorsports leaked the conversation between the two drivers on Twitter which shows them hilariously responding to the news of them being disqualified from the event.

The post was, however, made in such a way that it is almost impossible to distinguish if the conversation is real or not. Many have been arguing regarding the authenticity of the picture in the comment section of the post, also mocking the FIA for imposing “ancient” rules on the drivers just for the sake of their reputation.

Do you think it was fair of the FIA to disqualify both of the drivers after the race was conducted? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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