Lewis Hamilton once celebrated ex-girlfriend’s 21st birthday with a whopping $12700 gift

Lewis Hamilton’s romantic journey has been a captivating collection of renowned models and celebrities. Despite the glamour surrounding his love life, none of his relationships seemed to last long.

However, his first love, Jodia Ma, was very special, as it was revealed to be love at first sight. To celebrate her birthday, the British driver decided to gift her a luxurious item of substantial worth as a symbol of their love.

Lewis Hamilton’s birthday gift to Jodia Ma before F1 debut

Before his debut in Formula 1, the seven-time World Champion was involved in a romantic relationship with his very first ex-girlfriend, Jodia Ma.

Jodia is the daughter of a famous Hong Kong businessman, and the pair met while attending the Cambridge School of Arts in England. Both of them instantly clicked and were in a happy relationship until they decided to split up in 2007, when Hamilton began his rookie year.

On Jodia’s 21st birthday, the British driver decided to spend a staggering $12,700 worth of jewellery, even though he had very limited earnings at the time, according to Worrall Frank’s biography. The biography stated, “She and Lewis remained an item for five years, with him splashing out £10,000 on a diamond bracelet for her 21st birthday.”

The couple had broken up shortly after Hamilton’s debut in 2007 but decided to remain good friends afterwards. Jodia was even seen attending his Shanghai Grand Prix race in 2007 to support him physically.

She said, ” We are definitely not back together as a couple but we are friends. ‘I didn’t tell Lewis I was going to Shanghai beforehand because I wanted him to concentrate. It was one of the biggest races of his life,” which clearly showed the deep connection they share despite not being together.

Hamilton’s mother’s thoughts revealed about his relationship

Back when Hamilton was still dating Jodia Ma, the Mercedes driver’s mother, Carmen Larbalestier, was a huge fan of Jodia and approved of their relationship greatly. According to Carmen, most women get involved with Hamilton due to his overwhelming success and financial gains; however, Carmen claimed that she did not spot any sort of wealthy desire in Jodia.

According to Carmen, Jodia was the perfect ideal woman for Hamilton and she hoped to cherish the pair forever. When asked about Jodia, she said, “She is the kind of girl that will help him keep his feet on the ground. She is not after the high life. I think he’d rather hang on to somebody he knows than have all these dolly birds in Formula One.”

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