Lewis Hamilton’s early life struggles: Growing up with two mothers and no dad in ‘slums”

Lewis Hamilton’s current celebrity status is the outcome of the relentless effort he has dedicated to the sport all these years. The journey from being a rookie driver to a seven-time World Champion has been anything but effortless.

However, often, questions are raised about his family background and how he emerged as the top driver despite belonging to a family that has no association with motorsports. Therefore, in this article, the scrutinous details about his family roots will be briefly discussed to clear up any further questions.

Lewis Hamilton grew up with two moms and no dad

Growing up, the Mercedes driver had the honor of having two mothers. Hamilton’s biological mother’s name is Carmen Larbelestier; she was born in 1955, welcomed infant Hamilton 30 years later, and has been showing her unwavering support since then. He also has a stepmother named Linda, who immensely contributed to Hamilton’s upbringing and helped him move in with her and his father when the British driver was just 12 years old.

Carmen’s former husband and Hamilton’s father, Anthony Hamilton, had an unfortunate separation when the Briton was merely two years old for a major reason.

When asked about the reason, Carmen replied, “Lewis was the best thing to come out of my marriage. The split didn’t damage Lewis. He is probably better for it than if we had stuck together in an unhappy marriage.”

“Tony [Anthony] wanted to be somebody and he has achieved that. I wanted a quiet life and that put a barrier between us. I couldn’t see myself in that busy, hectic lifestyle.”

Despite the separation, both of his parents share a very special bond with Hamilton, as they were one of the major reasons for Hamilton’s fame today.

Did Lewis Hamilton really grow up in ‘slums’?

Lewis Hamilton was brought up in Stevenage, and he attended a local Catholic school for his education. He lived on the Peartree Way and the Woodfield Road before transferring to Switzerland in 2007. The reason behind his transfer is still somewhat undisclosed and is still a mystery to many.

However, in 2018, at a sporting event, Hamilton faced the outrage of the Stevenage locals when he referred to the place as a “slum.” Later on, the Briton cleared up the misunderstanding by saying, “I definitely make mistakes quite often, particularly when you’re up in front of a crowd trying to find the right words to express the long journey that you’ve had in life. I chose the wrong words, but I didn’t mean anything by them, and those of you who know me know that I always mean love.” and calmed the situation at that given moment.

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