McLaren CEO Zak Brown demands immediate changes to Red Bull-AlphaTauri alliance ahead of F1 2024 season

Red Bull and AlphaTauri share a very tight relationship, frequently engaging in collaborative efforts. In the past, Red Bull operated Alpha Tauri when it was under the name “Toro Rosso” in 2006, and the teams consistently provided substantial advantages to each other, aiming to outperform competitors on the grid.

Nevertheless, the team principal of McLaren has observed their proximity and has openly expressed concerns, believing that their collaboration creates an unfair advantage for the two teams at the expense of others in the competition.

Zak Brown demands changes to Red Bull-AlphaTauri alliance

McLaren’s CEO, Zak Brown, has written an open letter to the FIA demanding changes as he has observed the closeness of the relationship between the two teams. As each year passes, the bond between the pair strengthens by having the benefits of two in one.

According to the reports, their relationship will tend to grow more this year, with Alpha Tauri buying as many parts as possible from Red Bull. No one, except Zak Brown, has raised an issue regarding the whole situation with the FIA. Brown has reinforced his disapproval by labelling it “outdated,” particularly pointing towards the budget cap in 2021.

Brown firmly stated to the media, “I think everything is pretty clear what the rules are. However, I think the rules need to be reviewed and modified quickly. I think the A-B team ownership is now outdated for the reasons they were put in place many years ago.”

Zak Brown claims to have the ‘best driver line-up’ in F1

Zak Brown has admitted that their current drivers at McLaren have the best compatibility with each other, both off and on track. In 2023, upon the debut of the young driver, Oscar Piastri, many spectators observed the Australian claim that Lando Norris’s support had helped him pave his way on the tracks.

Last season, Norris had an extreme pace on the circuit after a major update to their car. On the other side, despite being a rookie, Piastri’s efforts were well observed on the tracks. The team is currently trying to secure Norris’s position due to ongoing speculations about his transfer circulating among the paddock.

Recognizing the driver’s efforts, Brown stated, “I think we’ve got the best driver line-up in Formula 1.”

“We do have a little bit more runway with both, but certainly he’s hot property, so we’d like to lock him down sooner rather than later.”

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