Ryan Garcia claims his family was threatened after disturbing footage of Bohemian Grove surfaced

As Ryan Garcia prepares for his much-anticipated WBA super lightweight showdown against the undefeated Devin Haney on April 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada, fans and fighters are concerned about the well-being of the former WBC interim lightweight champion.

Recently, he shared a few disturbing posts on social media and has now alleged that his family is in danger after claiming he was held hostage by the ‘elites.’

Ryan Garcia’s Bohemian Grove expose endangered his family

Ryan Garcia recently caused a lot of concern for his family and fans with his weird social media posts which even made his ex-wife, Andrea Celina urge fans and friends to help Garcia. The former interim boxing champion has since released a video on social media claiming to be held hostage and devoid of his phone on credit cards.

Garcia recently revealed what transpired to cause his apparent breakdown as he delved into a conspiracy theory while in X space which also had Andrew Tate in it. “They held me down and they made me watch little kids get raped,” said Garcia about what happened as he stated that what he saw was akin to Bohemian Grove in 2000, which was exposed and leaked by Alex Jones per Marca.

Garica stated that higher-ups from the political and business are involved in it, but he has proof of videos to substantiate his claim. On X Space, Tate cautioned Garcia to be careful of his words, but Garcia claimed to be untouchable and a God which further made people question his mental state.

“You aren’t the one that their whole family been threatened,” tweeted Garcia after his interaction on X Space as he stated that he believes in the Bohemian Grove conspiracy, and he has no intention to prove anything to anyone.

KSI urges canceling Ryan Garcia fight to get him some help

With Ryan Garcia’s apparent mental breakdown, many fighters have called for a cancellation of his upcoming fight with Devin Haney and KSI is one of them. This was after Garcia tweeted out that he was not ‘crazy’.

“Cancel the Ryan Garcia fight and actually get him some help. It’s sad watching him have a mental breakdown publicly like this”, tweeted KSI as found it very sad to watch a boxer of Garcia’s stature behave the way he has been doing for some time.

Garcia had recently called out Jake Paul, the foe of KSI, and vowed to end his career for disrespecting boxing as Paul easily knocked out Ryan Bourland in his recent fight. Paul Facetimed Garcia afterward and even insinuated that Garcia was on drugs.

Similar was the assessment made by Sean O’Malley and his coach as Garcia and Oscar De La Hoya went on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour and called out O’Malley and Dana White respectively. Garcia even went on to boast that he would defeat O’Malley in MMA.

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