Watch: Ryan Garcia’s home being robbed as boxer traveled out of town to attend Super Bowl

Ryan Garcia has decided to take some time off from his busy schedule this weekend and went on to watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, his plans took a turn for the worse when his house was targeted by criminals while he was away.

It can be expected that Floyd Mayweather’s list of 34 people to watch the Super Bowl has Ryan Garcia’s name in it too. But Garcia’s absence from his house has led to his luxurious property being burglarized by robbers.

Video: Ryan Garcia’s LA home was robbed

At just 25 years old, Ryan Garcia has achieved enough success to own a luxurious house. His hard work and dedication as a boxer had taken him to the doors of glory. However, some individuals were unable to accept Garcia’s success and committed burglary at his home while he was away in Las Vegas.

The lightweight division boxer recently released a CCTV footage on his social media account, letting combat sports fans know that his house had been broken in to while he was in Las Vegas.

In the released CCTV footage, it can be seen that two known males entered from the non-entrance part of the house. The expertise of the robbers can be observed in the footage when they went out quickly after jumping a fence, escaping the crime scene very quickly. They seemed to know their way around and left fast after taking certain items, suggesting they had a plan. It looked like they already knew what they were looking for in the house.

So far, no other information has been released regarding who the robbers were, but the street cameras will play an important role in finding the culprits. Ryan Garcia, in his Instagram post, praised the Lord for protecting him, as he was not present when the burglary took place.

How many houses does Ryan Garcia own?

According to TMZ Sports, Ryan Garcia got one of his dreams fulfilled in Southern California when he purchased a $3 million crib two years ago. This luxurious house is spread over 3,680 square feet and has six bathrooms and five bedrooms. It’s got all the bells and whistles too, like a luxurious pool, a basketball court, a spa, and a fantastic view of Los Angeles.

Ryan Garcia in his new house with Agent
Ryan Garcia in his new house with real estate agent (via IG)

The best part of this house is that everything has been designed by professional designers. This deal was made with an agent called Brandon Soufer.

However, recent events indicate a security lapse in the house, as some robbers managed to gain swift entry. It is anticipated that additional CCTV cameras will be installed to enhance security coverage of the premises.

Will Ryan Garcia be able to find out who the culprits were to enter his house?

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