Zak Brown claims no other F1 driver can replace Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri at McLaren: “Joint number-one decision”

So far, McLaren boasts the most formidable driver duo among the ten teams on the grid. The connection between Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri is solid, forged on a foundation of unwavering trust and mutual faith.

Both drivers have openly expressed how each other’s performances serve as a motivating force. The team principal, in a recent statement, lauded their performance, emphasizing that there are no other drivers that could replace them on the grid in the future.

Zak Brown confident in Norris and Oscar duo

After navigating McLaren for nearly 5 years, the team principal, Zak Brown, has finally confided his trust in the two main drivers of the team. The duo appeared together for the first time in 2023 and, since then, has shown a strong sense of sportsmanship while racing on the tracks.

Despite being very young, with Norris at 24 and Piastri at 22 years old, both of them have showcased greatness on the tracks by securing podiums after the update of the McLaren car. While it is obvious that in the future, the duo will have to be each other’s rivals for the sake of their own careers, their team boss is confident in them overcoming the hardships together. He firmly stated, “They’re super competitive right now, you feel a real energy around them driving for the team.”

“We know there will be a day, probably sooner rather than later, when they’re looking after their own interests.

“I feel Andrea’s and my strengths are around driver management, so I think we can get ahead of that and manage it to make sure it stays competitive.”

Details on McLaren’s MCL38

Within the 2024 season, the car has introduced a new car to race on the paddock, called the MCL38. The Woking-Based team has taken an oath to never repeat the same mistake as last year and has revealed both the livery and the launch specifications of its new design, addressing the previous issues as well.

There have been light blue touches on McLaren’s car  since the previous two seasons but this time the team has decided to put on more darker blue touches, like in the 2022 season, solely around a decal for sponsor DP World.

On the other side, the new machinery’s livery maintains a striking similarity to Mclaren’s recent designs, which have eventually evolved since the year 2022. In the new livery, there is a large portion of orange color on the front wing and the rear of the engine cover, while a geometric slash transitions to black sidepods, motivated by the special livery used in the Singapore and Japan races last year.

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