Christian Horner to attend Bahrain GP but not F1 Team Principal’s presser amid alleged s*xual misconduct investigation

Since the beginning of this month, Christian Horner has found himself entangled in tumultuous chaos. Numerous controversies have been swirling around the team leader, significantly impacting both his and Red Bull’s reputations and catalyzing speculations about his career’s future.

However, spectators breathed a sigh of relief upon learning that an update on the investigation would be swiftly revealed this following week.

Christian Horner to accompany Red Bull at Bahrain GP

At the start of this month, an unfortunate incident revolved around Red Bull’s team owner, Christian Horner. A female colleague working in the parenting juice company of Red Bull had accused the team leader of sexual harassment allegations. However, none of them have been proven true.

On the other hand, the Parenting Red Bull Organisation has repeatedly asked Horner to step down from his position as team leader to prevent tarnishing the F1 team’s reputation and his own. However, that was an offer, which the 50-year-old firmly denied on the spot.

Despite the severity of the case, the team boss has decided to work as usual for the upcoming campaign and prepare the team for the diverse challenges of the opening event of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Additionally, during the launch event of their new car, Horner firmly denied the allegations and refused to elaborate any further on the topic to maintain the confidentiality of the scenario.

Update on Christian Horner investigation

Recently, there was a palpable sense of relief for both sides involved in the case as a significant update has been revealed regarding Christian Horner’s situation. This development has not only eased the anticipation of long-standing Red Bull supporters but has also raised the curiosity of the former haters.

An external investigation will be conducted by a barrister hired by Red Bull, who has taken firm note of the entire procedure by conducting a meeting with Horner in early February. According to various sources, the barrister has already made a report extending 100 pages, which will finally be revealed on Wednesday. It will largely determine the future of the 50-year-old on the F1 team or even in the motorsports industry.

Additionally, Horner will not attend the Team Principals Press Conference on Thursday, with the media failing to uncover the reasoning behind his decision. In the meeting, other influential team leaders, such as Frederic Vasseur, Zak Brown, Toto Wolff, and Laurent Mekies, will also be present.

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