Mission 44: what exactly is this Lewis Hamilton project’s purpose?

Originating from a partially black background, Lewis Hamilton faced a lack of privileges despite his undeniable talent for an F1 career. Remarkably, in 2007, he became the inaugural black F1 driver competing for a championship title.

In response to his own challenges, the British driver launched the “Mission 44 Project” with the aim of ensuring that no other underprivileged individual would encounter similar obstacles in pursuing a career in Formula One.

What is Lewis Hamilton’s Mission 44 project?

Lewis Hamilton has a well-known reputation outside Formula One for handling numerous business endangerments as well as funding charitable projects to help society in terms of its dire needs.

Not long ago, the seven-time World Champion launched a new charitable foundation to support underrepresented organisations or people in the UK. The Mission 44 project will mainly assist groups or people who have been consistently facing disadvantages due to a lack of proper funds. He said, “I set up Mission 44 because I want young people from diverse backgrounds to realize their greatness and know their dreams matter just as much as anyone else’s.”

It will also tend to reduce the unemployment rate, which is highly proportional to poverty in some countries, through consecutive partnerships, collaborations, reward giving, and providing the support they need to achieve greatness one day. This joint charitable project between Briton and Mercedes will be exclusively called “Ignite.”

How Mission 44 can benefit through Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari deal

Lewis Hamilton’s transfer to Ferrari has not only benefited his career but also the existing projects he has been working on. It is only natural for Ferrari to be incredibly happy with the arrival of the British Champion; however, they have expressed their gratitude in a very unique way.

Former Ferrari president John Elkann has openly expressed his admiration for Hamilton’s evident efforts towards society and charity initiatives to help underprivileged individuals not only in the UK but throughout the world. Therefore, to celebrate their partnership after anticipating it for decades, he decided that with the help of his potential joint investment, Exor, he would invest a total of $400 million for Hamilton’s charitable projects, which include Mission 44 as well as his on-track activities.

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