Ryan Garcia vs Jake Paul: Will the fight take place despite their weight difference?

Influencers have made considerable success in the professional boxing circuit and Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions and KSI’s Misfits Boxing are in the forefront to promote it. More often than not, actual professional boxers have disregarded the influencers in the professional boxing circuit.

Paul’s considerable success in professional boxing has come at odds with Ryan Garcia, the former WBC interim lightweight champion, who has called for a fight with him after his recent victory over Ryan Bourland. Remains to be seen if the two stars will lock horns soon.

Will Ryan Garcia vs Jake Paul happen?

The chances of a Ryan Garcia vs Jake Paul happening are extremely low considering their significant weight difference. Paul has never fought below 185lbs in his career whereas Garcia is scheduled to make his first fight at 140lbs against Devin Haney.

Another reason for the fight not happening is Paul’s ambition to become a world champion in professional boxing. Paul had already made it known that he was not interested in any gimmicky fights as he pursued his dream and his commitment to Team USA Boxing for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics.

The aforementioned reasons do not mean that the fight could never happen as Jake’s older brother Logan fought Floyd Mayweather Jr in an exhibition boxing bout. At the fight, Logan Paul weighed in at 190lbs whilst Mayweather weighed just 155lbs.

Garcia was the one who called out Paul and from his social media interactions, it seems that he is intent on making the fight happen. Nonetheless, if the fight makes sense financially, Paul could be financially enticed to make an exhibition boxing bout.

Fans’ thoughts on Ryan Garcia vs. Jake Paul?

Fan sentiment is mixed on a potential Ryan Garcia vs Jake Paul fight as evidenced by the social media interactions about it. “If he isn’t trolling and being serious I’d actually like to see this fight”, commented one fan who expressed interest in seeing the fight as it is intriguing.

“Dude is picking fights with people 40-50lbs less than him. What a loser”, a fan trolled Jake Paul as he found it bad on Paul’s part to pick fights with a smaller fighter. It needs to be noted that it was Garcia who called for a fight with Paul and not the other way around.

“Ryan would smoke Jake Paul”, another fan predicted a victory for Garcia against Paul if the fight could happen. Garcia had vowed to finish Paul but Paul is considerably bigger and could potentially end the fight with a single punch if they ever fought.

“Bro can Ryan just focus on Devin 😭 like what is this fake beef bs”, commented yet another fan who urged Garcia to focus on his upcoming fight against Devin Haney for the WBA super lightweight championship.

Do you think Ryan Garcia vs Jake Paul would happen? Leave your thoughts below!


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